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Sapphire 911 XLS
750 Air Watt Power Unit

  • Genuine Ametek Motor
  • Commercial Grade Brushless Motor
  • Left & Right Side Installation
  • Hybrid Bag or Bagless Technology
  •  20 Year Electrical Warranty
  •  Lifetime Body & Filter Warranty
  •  Utility Valve
  •  HEPA Membrane
  • Maintenance Free Filtration
Cana-Vac XLS central vacuums offer the best central vacuum technology available with new large commercial grade Ametek 8.4" central vacuum motors using Infinity Brush™ Technology which means they will last twice as long as typical central vacuums.

911 XLS Overview

Limited supply of the  911 XLS  in stock., 
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Any Domestic Location
303 884 7290

The model 911xLS designed for supreme cleaning performance servicing homes from 3,000 up to 
12,000 sq. ft.

The model 700cLS is a compact version of the
700LS meaning it has all the impressive 
performance in a smaller package cleaning 
homes or condominiums from 1,500 up to 
10,000 sq. ft.

700cLS is an ideal choice for those who would 
like the added benefits of the LS series 
such as longer warranty, quiet operation 
and high performance but want either 
to economize or need a smaller size unit.

Both The 911xLS and the 700cLS are using 
the latest in motor technology, 
 almost double 
motor life expectancy compared to normal
central vacuum motors. This is a benefit and
a key point to longevity particularly when
vacuuming large homes.

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