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  • Electric Low Voltage Hoses
  • Quick Click Hose
  • Stretch Hose
  • Bare Floor Brushes
  • Carpet Attachments
  • Bags & Filters
  • Dust Mop Attachments
  • Filters
  • Replacement Part
  • Doc-it Hose Storage 
Choosing the right accessories will enhance the performance of your power unit.  The central vacuumindustry have developed cleaning tools  for all types  of environments.  Hardwood  floors, various carpet heights, Kitchen floors,  pet hair removal , garage kits, vacpans® etc...

We offer a variety of vacuum attachments, vacuum hoses, vacuum filters, replacement motors, vacuum accessories, power brush and vacuum attachment kits  for all major central vacuum manufacturers.  We also inventory several accessory lines that fit 99% of all the central vacuum power units, providing the same product quality without the brand name price.    In addition we have a complete line of power brush and vacuum attachment kits.

We also have available installation materials for the do-it-yourself installer or a contractor looking for vacuum pipe, inlet valves, vacuum fittings or installation tools 

We will be glad to assist you in any project, large or small, from design to completion with blueprint design, technical advice and assistance with choosing the right materials, all at no charge to you.

Popular add on products can easily be integrated into your existing built in vacuum ...

Vac Pan to the kitchen "the dustpan for your central vacuum" Excellent Add On

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How to Order:  We are a little old fashion and like to talk directly with our customers.  It minimizes errors with orders, and we believe cut down on credit card fraud.  It also gives us an opportunity to answer any questions that you may have and allows us to evaluate your order and make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

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